The church was founded as Crocker Community Church with the first service being held on March 9, 1930. The building, a former one-room school, was dedicated on August 23, 1930. In 1934, it was remodeled and during the 1950’s an addition included the first indoor restrooms, a pastor’s study, classrooms and a kitchen. The congregation’s first recorded pastor was Reverend Gilbert Curry in 1931. In 1935 the church made news when Reverend Carl Grabeman became the first minister to marry in the church. Grabeman remained the pastor until 1940 when Reverend Harold Sandstrom became the church’s leader. During his administration, Sunday School classes and a Cub Scout Troop were added. During the late 1950’s and into the mid-1960’s, Reverend Harold Brown was the church’s minister. Others who have served the church include Thadeus Peak, Arthur Austin and Luis Cuellar. In the 1960’s the church was renamed Crocker Bible Church and is now Crocker Bible Baptist Church. Also serving as Pastor was George Nye in the 70's, Kevin Doll 1996-1997 (now serving in Iraq as an Army chaplain), Jay Wolf served as interim pastor 1997-1999. Jonathon Anderson 1999-2001, and currently leading the congregation is Howard K. Seel. In the early 1970’s, the area known as Crocker was annexed by the town of Chesterton.