Pastor and his Family
I Surrendered to the call to preach when I was a teenager at Fellowship Baptist church of Mcleansboro, Illinois under the leadership of then Pastor Tim Lee. I Graduated from Hyles-Anderson College in 1988. While at Hyles-Anderson, I was a sunday school teacher, ran a bus route, was a member of the college choir, and worked in various other functions at the First Baptist Church of Hammond. It was at College that I met my wife Margarita who was a former "buskid" from Chicago. We married in 1990 and since then have had 4 children, Daniel 18, Stephen 10, and Christina 9, and Josiah 2.

Outside of pastoring, I also own my own business repairing CB radios which helps support the family. I am heavily involved with electronics, computers, and the internet.

I am also a Hodgkins cancer survivor and can thank many for the support and help through the trials. The cancer has now been in remission for about 6 years. God is Great. Please feel free to e-mail me anytime if I can help you further. Thank you for visiting our website.